and Seunghyun’s endless struggle to make an actually funny joke continues… (x)

jesus fuckin christ

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Originally posted on April 2, 2011


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wherein dongwoo laughs at howon and holds hands with woohyun the entire time

boys everywhere, please stop this. I want to live.

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rain w/ babies ok bye everyone ._.


My OTP don’t need no Photoshop.

yeesssssssss ok sry daesung I GUESS

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hey bi rain

you like spiderman? sure you do. you know that one part during the first one, where what’s-her-face with the blonde hair was like running around or something and maybe someone was chasing her? anyway, suddenly she was in an alleyway and something descended from above her and she was scared for one second but then she realized who it was: her true love.

thankfully, it was dark so she didn’t notice that his hood was slightly distended in order to make room for his carefully sculpted coif of beautiful turquoise hair, but come on, you gotta keep that shit pristine. he pulled up that mask and revealed his little kitty-kat smirking lips and gave her a big old smooch all upside down and shit.
you know what it was doing while they were smoochin? it was RAINING!
now don’t be scared of that masked figure. you go ahead and getchur smooch on.

hey bi rain

i was on the tur-let the other day.

in other news, i remembered that you used to be bullied by when you a tot by some little fuggers who must been cyclopses to not see your bay-bee bew-tee. i’m sorry, i truly am. if i could come in contact with your luminescent skin without experiencing rashes from touching your radiance, i would give you a reassuring pat on the elbow.

i know a guy who also got bullied as a tyke. instead of using dance to break him out of his tortoise shell (you look like a turtle btw), he got chubby. and weird. oh, and i guess he raps or some shit like that and he’s the best or whatever. just make out with TOP, ok?


Found a book about kwon jiyong



Found a book about kwon jiyong



So I came across these in my never ending search for BB stuff….

3D BIGBANG Dress up stickers. I’m still laughing and it’s been like hours… 


i’m going to throw up now because i can never have these

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can someone make a tumblr that’s just screencaps of dudes from movies right after they’ve kissed a girl who was wearing lipstick?

call it like…. blurrydudeswithsmearedlipstick or something

here’s your first pic, consider it a start-up donation


aww He is such a gentleman. [x]

am i the only person that finds seungri’s behaviour towards girls kind of fucking gross? a little bit?

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what is going ONNNNNNNNNNN

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a crash course on kang daesung

"bc he d-liteful ayyyyyyyyyyy"

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